Did you know that you can offer professional web design services even if you don’t have a background in graphic design? All you need to do is ‘resell’ the professional web design services of Digitave.This reselling arrangement lets you reap the many benefits of offering your clients advanced web design without having to do all the work.

When you sign up as a web design reseller, you essentially recruit clients to send toour expert web design team. Your job is to act as the middleman—you sell web design services to your customers and then pass on the work to us. We will quote you a price, which you can then markup. Whatever profit you earn is yours to keep.

During the design development process, you simply act as a liaison between your clients and our company. You’ll spend a few minutes a day communicating questions, answers, as well specifications back and forth between the two parties. You can be as involved in the project as much (or as little) as you want. Address your clients’ simpler concerns by yourself if you wish, and pass on any technical concerns to our design team. We provide dedicated relationship managers to our top resellers, so you can be confident that you’ll always get support and answers to all of your client’s needs is a respectable turnaround time.

The profit potential is limitless if you are motivated. There is no one stopping you from making five to six figures in a year—or even a month.

Once you join our web design reseller program, you can enjoy wholesale prices on our web design services. You are then free to charge your clients whatever you like, keeping the difference. Want to lower your prices so you can cater to smaller businesses? You can do that. Want to charge three times more for bigger companies? You can certainly do that, too. Mark up as little or as much as you want. What you earn is your business.

If you are worried that the web design market is saturated, don’t be. There is certainly a lot of room for growth. According to an IBIS World report, the web design industry has experienced solid growth in the past five years—and this trend will remain going forward.

Companies of all sizes scramble to switch to responsive designs to cater to consumers who surf and shop using their smartphones and tablets—and they are all looking for web designers that can deliver mobile-optimized solutions. The demand for user experience design, search engine optimized design, and intuitive interface design is also at an all-time high. Despite the popularity of WordPress and other platforms that supposedly make it easy for smaller businesses to design their own websites, many business owners still prefer to delegate the task to professionals. They realize that the advantages of an expertly designed website—traffic, increased visibility, and ultimately sales—far outweigh the costs of hiring a web design firm. And with most companies increasing their budgets for online marketing, there is a lot of money to be made in web design.

You need the reliability of an established reseller in order to succeed in reselling web design services to your clients. Hundreds of web design firms have reseller programs, but not many of them deliver what we offer.

  • Our company platform is designed with a ‘marketing’ orientation. Our innovative designs convert consumers into paying customers. After all, even a great-looking website is useless if it does not sell. This is why the best web design companies are run by marketers who understand consumer behaviour patterns—and we use that knowledge to design websites that prompts visitors to hit the ‘buy’ button.
  • The websites we create are built with the latest search engine optimization architecture to keep up with today’s trends.Truly professional web design can help increase overall online visibility and rankings. We ensure that our code markups are clean and easy for search engine spiders to read. Contact us with your questions regarding design elements and practices we implement to ensure the Google-friendliness of our work.
  • How future-proof are our websites? We build responsive, mobile-ready designs to cater to people using smartphones and tablets. By the end of 2017, an estimated three billion consumers worldwide are expected to use their phones for getting information, shopping, and staying connected—and your clients will want to sell to those people. We recognize the importance of this user trend and expertly design mobile-friendly websites.
  • Regardless of the size of your web site, we will always give you a realistic time frame of completion once you have sent the specs. We work diligently to meet those deadlines so that you always look good to your clients.

No. Previous web design experience is not crucial to your success as a reseller, although it would certainly serve you well to have general working knowledge of web development. Some of the best web design resellers are people or companies that already offer online services to begin with—such as programmers, search engine optimization firms, and internet marketing firms. But even if you are a new internet entrepreneur with no coding skills, there are plenty of opportunities in reselling web design.

Yes. We offer an attractive private label opportunity in the world of web design. Be sure to sign up for our reseller program that allows you to do business under your brand name. We remain anonymous throughout the entire process, allowing you to label everything as your own and grow a sustainable internet business.

Digitave is a reputable, white label industry leader of professional web design services. We encourage you to contact us with all of your questions and concerns regarding reselling of our web design packages.